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Quotes from Our rafting Customers...

Some quotes from our 7000+ guests per year....

Dear Mark, Derek is an awesome communicator with the "pitch" what we HAVE to know to survive the rafting trip. He was polite, fun, open and made it easy for conversation between the 3 of us. Malu N - 2011

Derek was terrific as our rafting guide! His instructions were clear and he gave me confidence to go over the class V Husum Falls. We look forward to coming back!Walker L - 2011

Good evening Mark, The Walker's are staying with us at the Hood River Hotel and have just returned from a rafting trip with your guide Derek. The Walker's had nothing but praise for Zoller's rafting professionalism from start to finish of their trip. They were incredibly happy and sincerely impressed with Zoller's. Thank you for providing such a great service.Patricia B Hood River Hotel www.HoodRiverHotel.com - 2011

Great place, great guides, great river. All worked well.Nathanael D - 2011

Had a great time rafting the White Salmon River with my family. Our guide was great and made my kids feel safe. We will be back next summer.Anna A - 2011

Had a great time today; thank Ben, you're a great guide. Mark H - 2011

Had an awesome time this last weekend! We had a great guide. Thanks, Keenan! Next time I am in Washington again I am definitely going to Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys!!Jennifer P - 2011

Hey Mark, just wanted to say thanks again for our rafting trip down the White Salmon River. Everybody enjoyed it and with a few falling out of the raft it makes for good stories and ribbing of friends. Good guides and the info all makes for a memorable trip. Wouldn't change a thing. Continues success!Ron S - 2011

Hi Mark! Thanks again for an awesome rafting trip! You guys run a top-notch operation up there.Rees E - 2011

Hi Mark, Eric is in town for just a week and the one thing he wanted to be sure to do was rafting with Zoller's.Judith S - 2011

Hi Mark, I can't wait for this weekend to get there! We went rafting with you two weeks ago and now I am bringing my wife and dad to go down the White Salmon River. I can't believe I've missed out on this for so much of my life. John D - 2011

HI Mark, I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had last Saturday. I'll be back next year for another ride down the Klickitat. Keenan was very friendly and knew the river very well. Bob D - 2011

Hi Mark, My families experience with Ben was amazing. Being from Hawaii, this was quite the experience. We are looking forward to rafting Hell's Canyon with you next. Thanks again!Joe P - 2011

Hi Mark, On behalf of PSU students and faculty we would like to thank you for your presentation and perspective. Of course, the whitewater rafting was a terrific experience for all, especially going over Husum Falls.Ken L - 2011

Hi Mark, we had a great time rafting the river. Please tell Ben we really appreciated his expertise.Mark S - 2011

It wasn't just a good day… is was a SUPER day! Thanks to you!!Carol Y - 2011

Mark & Sherri, Well, the outdoors is not a friend of mine but of all the whitewater outfits we checked out, I was most impressed by Zoller's. See you in JuneWilliam F - 2011

Mark Z & Team, Thank you so much for another amazing trip! You are truly the best in the business & we are happy to tell our friends! See you in May!Tiffany - 2011

Mark, Just wanted to say thanks. We had an awesome trip with Silas yesterday. It made my girlfriends 30th b-day great. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to go whitewater rafting. I was impressed how organized and professional your accommodations and staff were. Bradley P - 2011

Mark, Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you my kids are still talking about our outstanding rafting experience. Zoller's Whitewater Rafting was the highlight of our week in Oregon. Shawn was an awesome guide. I'm sure we will see you again soon.Chang, H - 2011

Mark, My wife and I went whitewater rafting with Zoller's and you r operation was extremely professional and having been on other whitewater rafting trips in other parts of the country, we were very impressed and felt safe with your company after just seeing the operation for about 10 minutes.Leo W - 2011

Mark, Russ St, Karen and Crew… Thank you all for making our "Leadership Development" outing a big success! No broken bones but a few stuffed noses from running Husum Falls.Bob R - 2011

Mark, Thanks again for another wonderful day on the White Salmon River. McKenzie is a fantastic guide. Marlo B - 2011

Mark, We lucked out and got Ben as a guide and had an excellent trip. Thanks for a great day on the river with Ben.Albert D - 2011

Our guide Shane was awesome today! We loved our trip down the White Salmon River, especially 8 year old Aiden who took the front seat and wants to go again tomorrow. Thanks for a great time.Kathy M - 2011

Thank you for a GREAT experience! Especially "Gentle Ben". Terrific Trip. See you next time on the Snake River!The Book Club - 2011

Thank you for a wonderful and Beautiful day on the Klickitat!!!! We all had a great time. Looking forward to rafting again.`Lorell - 2011

Thank you Woody and Ben for an AMAZING trip down the White Salmon River!! We can't stop talking about the rapids, the bull ride, the deer crossing the stream, the cave and jut how much fun we had.Mahealani W - 2011

Thanks Keenan for ANOTHER awesome whitewater rafting trip yesterday afternoon and a special thank you to Taylor for taking us over Husum Falls. We all managed to stay in the raft (well almost all of us…) We'll see you guys next year!!!Hanneke H - 2011

Thanks Mark, The guys had a great time whitewater rafting and ben was awesome… as usual. We all agreed to make rafting a permanent part of the annual get together. And, I think you will have 5 families coming this summer.Michael A - 2011

Thanks, McKenzie Zoller for a great whitewater rafting experience. 4 old geezer's had a great time; your expertise was impressive. When we do another "Raft" trip we will be looking for the "Zoller" brand name, and "McKenzie" for a guide would be our 1st choice..Dennis - 2011

The Jonah trip yesterday on the White Salmon River was tons of fun. McKenzie did a great job and really put my friends at ease. We can't wait to come back!!!Larissa L - 2011

We had a wonderful experience rafting and were very impressed with the whole atmosphere up there. You were all so pleasant and fun yet also very professional and amazingly organized. We also really appreciated Rooster's expertise on the river. He was a perfect guide for us.Elizabeth P - 2011

We went rafting yesterday and what a memorable experience. Had the gest guide in the world even though it was his first trip as a guide… just kidding… Keenan is the best… would do it again in a minute!!!!Becky B - 2011

You guys rock! Thanks for a fantastic time whitewater rafting on the White Salmon RiverVlkyrie H - 2011

I'm sure you've heard it before, but I had the BEST rafting run I've EVER had with you folks! The photos you took are STILL posted on my office wall!Don E - 2009

We really enjoyed our family whitewater rafting trip and hope to be able to return to Oregon and do something similar again this coming year.Bette F - 2009

All of us enjoyed our New Year's day whitewater rafting trip on the White Salmon!Roland M - 2009

An unforgettable experience! Lets do it again!Haichang S - 2009

Dear Mark & Sherri. Thanks for all your help in organizing the Geo-Caching with our students from Mill-A School. Sherri, your sandwiches are making history in the community. The loved the sauces1 Thanks for recognizing the importance of getting our youth out into the forest!Sarah & Project Eco - 2009

Dear Mark & Zach, Thank you both so much for the great rafting trip!! It was the best time I've had in years. Zach was our guide and his knowledge of the river, the geology, and history of the area made the adventure extremely interesting as well as exciting.Julie - 2009

Dear Mark, I am a really big chicken when it comes to stuff like this (whitewater rafting) but thanks to Younah's support and knowledge of whitewater rafting, she made me feel at ease.Cindy - 2009

Dear Mark, Sherri & Staff, Thank you for your contribution to the success of Sojourn's 2009 season. We offer an amazing package to our guests and we couldn't do it without you. Thanks again & we look forward to seeing you in 2010. All the best.Jessica - 2009

Dear Mark, What a ride! Jim and I had a memorable 12th wedding anniversary celebration whitewater rafting with your company! You have a classy outfit, and treat your customers like royalty. Andy is an excellent guide. Liz - 2009

Good Morning Mark, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding experience yesterday. Although I have been rafting before it was nothing like that and you guys are truly blessed to have the run of such a beautiful river in the White Salmon. Silas was great, super informational and it is amazing when you can tell the difference between employees that love what they are doing and those that do not. You and your family make amazing people to work for!Natasha - 2009

Greetings: Five of us took a wonderful rafting trip yesterday afternoon with Zach Zoller. We would like to commend your organization for such a well organized & professional experience. We have been on a number of rafting trips over the years and the trip with you was superb, especially considering the large number of people there. You equipment and facilities are top notch & the guides all helpful & professional. The group safety demo was among the best we've witnessed. Thanks from all of our family for such a great experience.Brad - 2009

Happy new year! We had such a great time rafting on the river!Tiffany D - 2009

Hello! This is a brief note to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed our rafting experience on July 29th. We were part of the Sojourn group. I am most uncomfortable around water, had never whitewater rafted, and was honestly petrified! I very reluctantly agreed to go because I would have been the only Sojourn participant to have stayed behind. Ryan was our guide and he was SUPER!!! He made me feel comfortable (if not relaxed) and I ended up having a very fun time! Ryan is the best!!Judy - 2009

Hey Mark - We had a great time on the White Salmon River with Zoller's and the wedding party.Andy B - 2009

Hey Mark, We had a great time last July and look forward to rafting the White Salmon with Zoller's again some time soon.Stu R - 2009

Hi Mark & Joetta. What a great time we had rafting the White Salmon River!!! See you again next year for another round. Looks like we have a new tradition! After our friends saw these photos they want to come along too. So, we will probably need 2 whitewater rafts next year!Mike - 2009

Hi Mark, I appreciate you! Yet another great experience with your company. Much appreciated.Paula - 2009

Hi Mark, My friend Tracy and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the amazing rafting experience we had on the White Salmon River with you on Sunday. I'd never been rafting before and must confess that I was a little scared. We both agreed that while the river and area were beautiful the thing that made our trip the most amazing was our rafting guide Taylor. He was always so calm and knowledgeable and that had a very calming effect on all of us. Amanda - 2009

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for going above & beyond to accommodate our wayward rafting group. Your patience & professionalism were very appreciated, along with your exceptional river guiding & humor that made our afternoon on the river an excellent experience. We'll be back next May! Many thanks.Beth - 2009

Hi Mark, We had a lot of fun rafting, and the wife and I can't wait to rafting with you guys again (time #4) after baby #3 arrives! And we still recommend Zoller's to all of our friends who might be in Oregon or Washington.David K - 2009

Hi Mark, We had such and amazing time whitewater rafting this past summer. I mean really, we showed up thinking we were just going rafting, but it was so much more. The staff and guides MADE our time at Zoller's. We just wanted to say thank you again :)Lacy & Brandon - 2009

Hi, Oh my !!! We had the most amazing time rafting on Wednesday!! Our rafting guides, Ryan, Shawn and Silas were the most! I will never forget this trip in a lifetime and I'm sure that the team feels the same way. Memories like the ones we got from you guys are priceless. Absolutely amazing adventure!!! Thank you on behalf of our team.Claudia - 2009

I cannot say enough about your practice and your operation. I have gone out of my way to encourage people to take advantage of what you have to offer on the White Salmon RiverGreg J - 2009

I had a blast with your crew on the White Salmon in Washington.Karen M - 2009

I had a great time whitewater rafting with you guys.Robin M - 2009

I had fun on the White Salmon River, especially "Riding the Bull". Everyone was really nice and the food was great! Thanks again.Josh - 2009

I had such a blast on our rafting trip last summer on the White Salmon RiverIldiko P - 2009

I just wanted to write to tell you what an amazing time our wedding group had rafting on the river on August 28th (the day before the big day). We could not have been more pleased with our experience. Our large group (45+ people) included friends and family from New Jersey, California, Arizona, Colorado, and a lot of Oregon natives. Everyone could not stop raving about how much fun the day was, how experienced, friendly and knowledgeable all of the raft guides were. You and your team far exceeded my expectations and I wanted to just say thanks. Alex & PJ - 2009

I LOVED OUR TRIP!Mary W - 2009

I loved the trip this summer… especially Husum Falls!Elaina M - 2009

I sure appreciate the great opportunities you and your friends provide and I am grateful for the memories we've made together on the White Salmon. Tim and Lisa B - 2009

I wanted to commend you on your business model I witnessed during the few short hours I was at your place. As a business attorney who works with all different shapes and sizes of business, it's genuinely exciting to see an effective family business model in action. Thanks again Mark (and Zach, too!). We're already scheming about how we might be able to do a three-day Snake River trip next year.Loren - 2009

I would like you to know that my goddaughter still talks about our whitewater rafting trip on the White Salmon River as a high point of her summer.Lisa M - 2009

It was a great rafting trip for me and my sonsSteve S - 2009

It was great rafting fun… will definitely recommend your company. Tonya N - 2009

I've told more than one person that our river rafting experience this summer was an excellent one and that, even though we've done several rafting trips over the years, yours was probably the best run and most efficient. Our guide was Zach, and he was greatMikel K - 2009

Just a note to say what an awesome whitewater run Zach Z took us on last Wednesday afternoon. The mini-raft was a BLAST and Zach was the BEST rafting guide ever!Malcolm - 2009

Just have to say we had such a great time with your outfit - just a great group of outstanding people who were friendly, knowledgeable and fun - and the White Salmon river was an awesome stretch especially when we went over Husum Falls.Sherman G - 2009

Last summer's river rafting trip was an anniversary gift for my husband. He had never been rafting before, and he had an awesome time! I think we will be back this summer with a few friends!Lindsay W - 2009

Mark & Zach, Thanks so much for a wonderful time on the White Salmon River last Saturday! All of my friends & I had a blast and will definitely be back next year! A special thanks to Mark for being "my hero" :)Tiffany - 2009

Mark, Everyone did such a great job with our rafting trip last October on the White Salmon River. Thanks!Bruce R - 2009

Mark, I just wanted to say thanks one more time for the whitewater rafting experience you provided last week. This was the first rafting trip for many of us, and the service your gang provided exceeded any expectations we might have had prior to the trip. All three generations of us had a fantastic time together. Brilliant!Loren - 2009

Mark, My wife and I had an amazing time rafting the White Salmon River last fall. Thanks for providing a great experience.Ben H - 2009

Mark, Our group rafted on Saturday the 27th of June. We got your rookie and I am since convinced that everyone else was wrong when they said they had the best guide (Luke). He has a sweet maturity about him, makes wise decisions, and coaches his customers in a gentle way so as to get results without acting pompous. I want that "rookie" again next time we raft. You deserve the credit for hiring competent staff, providing leadership, and being involved with your company.Tifani - 2009

Mark, We had such a great time rafting with your company in WashingtonCindy R - 2009

My first river rafting trip at 69… You guide was really great. I felt very safe (after we started). Didn't have to hold on at all. Just wanted you to know of my experience. Thank you for the guide, and hopefully I can do it again.Sarah P - 2009

My friends and I had a blast rafting with your team on the White Salmon RiverTamara J - 2009

My friends and I had a really great time whitewater rafting with your family last year. Loved the guide and all the beautiful surroundings. We hop to do it again.Sandy W - 2009

Our company had a great time on the White Salmon River and it was definitely a trip to remember!Kristen R - 2009

See you next year!Erin W - 2009

Sure hope to get back to Oregon and do another river raft trip with you guys next year.Zach G - 2009

Thank you for such a great whitewater rafting trip - it was the highlight of me and my brother's vacation to Oregon and Washington. Ben was Amazing and we were all thoroughly thrilled and very proud of ourselves. We have even become friends with the couple that rafted with us.Malli Y - 2009

Thank you so much….. We had a wonderful time and are planning our next rafting vacation to Oregon to run the river again and next time "go over the falls" Ben is a great guide.Doug - 2009

thanks again for the great rafting trip this summer when we visited the Robison's in White Salmon.Tracy C - 2009

Thanks for an amazing trip in May. Zoller' s is one of the finest whitewater rafting companies out there, and being solo, I had a great time. I also felt in very capable hands.Andrea K - 2009

Thanks for the great whitewater rafting trip in September!Jim C - 2009

Thanks!.... We had a great time. Hope to be back to Oregon soon.Heather M - 2009

That was an awesome trip down the White Salmon last July. Us going over Husum Falls has been my screensaver ever since!Eric L - 2009

The boys from BSA Troop 127 had a blast on your half-day trip on the White Salmon.Steve G - 2009

The question is why this was the most enjoyable vacation ever for my 27 year old son and in my 71 years. The odd thing for me is that anticipation was exceeded by the trip. My only moment that was unpleasant was leaving and the guides recognized it. Patrick and I have wonderful memories forever. Thank you.David - 2009

The rafting outing on the White Salmon River last summer was great. I've referred your company a number of times. Thanks again.Greg T - 2009

We enjoyed our vacation to Oregon so much - It was the best yet. We watch our video of rafting many times and laugh!!!Sharon Y - 2009

We had a great time on our whitewater rafting trip and are looking forward to coming back.Peter H - 2009

We had a great time on our whitewater rafting trip, and wish the same for your other customers.Angie L - 2009

We had a great time with your guys in August on the white Salmon "River and will definitely do it again.Kathy H - 2009

We had a great whitewater rafting experience with you!Leslie Z - 2009

We had a terrific day whitewater rafting with your co. & our guide Rooster. It was the most perfect day - sunny, warm, BEAUTIFUL river & and overall greatness. We'll be back next year and have recommended your rafting company to many. Lorell - 2009

We had such great time with you last summer rafting in Washington and look forward to coming back!Robin N - 2009

We hope to see you all again next summer!Steve L - 2009

We really enjoyed our rafting trip with you folks and plan to do it again.Thad M - 2009

We really enjoyed the whitewater rafting trip this summer and would absolutely do it again next time we are down near Portland, Oregon.Bradley M - 2009

We remember our whitewater rafting trip with you this past September with great pleasure. You did a great job for us.David B - 2009

We've had a great experience whenever we've been out on the river with you.Malcolm C - 2009

What a great experience we had last July rafting on the White Salmon RiverAdie Z - 2009

What a wonderful day our party had with you last August whitewater rafting with guide Andy. He was superb!Susan E - 2009

You guys are always a days adventure when I have out of town visitors. Last August, my 2 friends from Amsterdam really enjoyed the day rafting the White Salmon River. You guides always make it great! See you in 2010.Steve C - 2009

Zach Zoller was our whitewater rafting guide and he was amazing! You should pay him more! HahaMatt D - 2009

Zak did an excellent job training us, and took extra time with the teenager that was on our raft letting her be the guide for a while (my daughter was very impressed with that!). Thanks to the Zoller rafting employees I had a great time rafting and would have gone again if I didn't have to leave Oregon for Virginia.Allison - 2009

AWESOME TIME!!! I can't say enough how much I appreciate what you did for us. Thanks for taking care of our "river rafting" Home Depot Officers.Lisa - 2008

Dear Mark & Crew, Thanks for the fabulous experience – All the way from accommodating our wayward internet (wrong day) reservation to the wonderful ride down the White salmon River. We have been bragging about our experience ever since. We hope to return to the Oregon / Washington area next year! You are the BEST! Rick, Roger & Wyat - 2008

Dear Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys, The Portland State University )Portland, Oregon) Rec Club Council would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful rafting activity for our leadership retreat. We had a great time. We look forward to returning again next year! Portland State University Rec Club Council - 2008

From Mark Zs greeting at the initial check in through the joy of getting into dry clothes at the end of the day, we all had a great time. Special thanks to Mark LaSages whitewater guiding and Sarah's great lunch on the Klickitat River.Jeff - 2008

Hello Mark, Thanks for a very fun day, all had some very good hours rafting and caving.Ole - 2008

Hello Mark, We had a Mom and her 6 year old son travel with you this week on the White Salmon River and all the little one (Will) could do was grin and tell us all about the water and waves and boat and….. Thanks,Jane Hood River BnB www.HoodRiverBnB.com - 2008

Hey Mark - Just wanted to thank you and all the Zoller's staff & guides for another freak'n awesome trip on the White Salmon River! We'll see you again next year, if not sooner! Cheers,Dan - Budd Bay Rugby - 2008

Hey Mark, Finally back in NY and I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous time Dave and I had whitewater rafting the White Salmon River with Ryan on August 1st. He did a wonderful job and I was so comfortable with him. He turned a chicken into a whitewater, waterfall jumper! We had a blast and will recommend your company and Ryan to anyone we know coming for a visit to Washington or Oregon. It was really a great experience that we will never forget! Thanks so much for making me feel so safe. Please tell Ryan we say hi and thank you so much!Robin - 2008

Hey Mark, On behalf of the interns I wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing time on the White Salmon River. Everyone is still talking about the whitewater rafting trip, and I am sure will continue to do so.Justine - Insitu - 2008

Hey! Yesterday was a blast! Adventure and beauty - nice combo. Zack was a wonderful raft guide. He had us whitewater rafting in the "sweet spot" all the way along.Kalama - 2008

Hi Mark & the entire team, I wanted to thank you for the FANTASTIC River Raft trip on the White Salmon River this past Saturday. We had a BLAST! You will be #1 on my suggestion list for all my groups at Skamania Lodge to include friends and family. The whole experience was excellent.Jane - 2008

Hi Mark, You guys have such a warm, friendly, personal approach to rafting, I can see why your business has been such a success for 3 generations. Great operation.Brenda - 2008

Hi there Mark, I just want to express to you how much fun all of us had yesterday whitewater rafting on the White Salmon River. Please send me information about your Hell’s Canyon trips. We’re all hooked and looking to try more. We’ll be back again soon.Toby - 2008

I just wanted to say thanks to Mark from my whole family. We had a fantastic time!!!Brian - 2008

John was an incredible guide and extremely personable. He made the trip so much fun and made me feel totally comfortable from the beginning. What an awesome time, I will definitely be back. I'm ready to go over the falls now! Thanks a million John for the outrageous trip on the White Salmon River and thanks for welcoming us,Mark. Brenda - 2008

Mark Thank you for a great time on the White Salmon River. Your fun and great attitude provided for an adventurous afternoon. I am glad we chose to go with Zoller's. Also… thanks for the story of the endangered western red spotted gopher. Good stuff! (editor's note: There is no such thing as a "Western Red Spotted Gopher"... but not everyone knows that)Greg - 2008

Mark, A big thank-you to you and your team for a fabulous experience when our Nutrilite group rafted the White Salmon River with you Wednesday. What a blast. Shawn was an outstanding river guide for us. Many thanks…Chris - 2008

Mark, Everyone had a fantastic time rafting the river! They loved it. Thanks so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate the experience and professional expertise you provide.Taya – Keen Footwear - 2008

Mark, I just have to tell you how much fun we had running the White Salmon River with you. My children just loved it. They and I are ready to do a three or five night trip next year. Kyle wanted to know why we couldn’t do it before school started this fall. The pictures you sent home with us are a priceless remembrance of our experience. Perhaps in the coming weeks I will be back to take my wife down the river. Thanks again,Jamie - 2008

Mark, I just want to thank you for the great whitewater rafting trip you provided for the Reliable Credit employees this year. The transportation made it so convenient and my employees loved your deli sandwiches! Have a great summer!Dianne - 2008

Mark, I wanted to thank you for a great rafting trip on Saturday. Our entire party had a great time. My compliments go out to you and your staff. Your outfit is well run and we won’t hesitate to come back as well as recommend you to all our friends.Michael - 2008

Mark, Just wanted to say thanks. The feedback we are getting this season from guides and guests is just amazing! The whitewater rafting has been awesome, the guides are just top notch and your new addition of the cafe’ seems to be a big hit. Thanks to you and your staff for all their help in making this a successful season.Brad – Bicycle Adventures www.BicycleAdventures.com - 2008

Mark, Thank you again for a great time! My family truly enjoyed themselves on the White Salmon River and your staff is amazing! Thanks again.Frank - 2008

Mark, We just want to thank you and Zach again for the GREAT White Salmon River trip last week. Our friends loved it. The gear you supplied was really nice and comfy and we felt totally safe on the river. The four who went golfing instead were duly jealous.Candy & Joel - 2008

Mark, Your mostly young “river rat crew” was so incredibly awesome yesterday!! Thank you for having a very fun, smart group of people working for you. My son and I had a blast!! Thanks you so much!! I won’t ever raft with another whitewater rafting company on the White Salmon River again!! Thanks,Sarah and Tucker - 2008

Mary Sue and I had a great time with Russ Cole Sr. as our guide yesterday rafting on the Klickitat River. It was a great day, plenty of sun, abundant rapids, gorgeous river, and just warm enough to keep us and the Western Tanagers smiling. I thank and salute Russ for an outstanding day of rafting.Jeff - 2008

Please thank Jarred for the exciting whitewater rafting ride on the white salmon river and for making one of this city gal’s life dreams come true. God Bless!Michele - 2008

Thank You, Mark! I have a specific request. I realize we will need more than one guide on the White Salmon River, but we are hoping our guide team can include Ben K. There is already a bit of a fight over who gets to be in his raft!Melissa Pinnacle Marketing Group - 2008

Thanks to Mark, Marq, Mark & Tim for a great time on the Snake River in Hell’s Canyon.Alex & Tamara - 2008

Thanks to Zac and your staff for a great whitewater rafting trip. I have recommended your company to my friends and look forward to another trip, Hopefully this year. Thanks again for the great trip.Todd - 2008

We all had a wonderful and exciting day rafting! You at Zoller's are the best whitewater rafting company I have every rafted with and I have rafted with at least 15.Scott - 2008

We did the short trip on the White Salmon river with you and you are one of the best companies that we have rafted with.Patty - 2008

We had a great time rafting last week in the Columbia River Gorge. One of the best team building events ever!Patricia - Hancock Forest Management - 2008

We had a great time rafting on the Klickitat river. Joetta and Russ were phenomenal.Kimberly - 2008

We truly enjoyed the rapids (there were more than we expected). Four of us went down Husum Falls and loved it. Woody did a great job explaining what to do.Gary - 2008

You guys rock! I expect to be back whitewater rafting the White Salmon River next Spring and Summer.Carol - 2008

Your service is so great! My employees always comment how much they enjoy the whitewater rafting trip! Thank YouDianne - 2008

Appreciate how you operate your business and relate to people. You are fine folk. Have enjoyed rafting with you these last several years and so have our friends we have referred to you. Again, much thanks.David - 2007

Darlin, Yonah, Mark & Sherri, WOW, what a day. It's tough to get my husband OUT……. And sharing the raft with our friends was heavenly. Lastly but not least, your most esteemed Kabe was the best. We will cherish our day forever.Mary-Jane - 2007

Dear Mark, As part of our three day management retreat, our managers were all given three choices to sign up for their dream adventure. While everyone definitely enjoyed their afternoon activity, it was our whitewater river rafters who seemed to think they had the greatest adventure of all. You’ve got a new cult following among our management team who discovered the surest way to relieve a bit of stress. You went out of your way to make sure it was a day to remember, and we guarantee that lifetime memories were made. Thank you so much for contributing to an overwhelmingly successful retreat. We couldn’t be more grateful for your hospitality.Cherie - 2007

Great boys – You both should be very proud – very funny, personable, knowledgeable, and kind. I would like to emphasize their kindness & respect – to all in our group that included city slickers, a 67 year old woman and her down syndrome brother. I thought they displayed character and compassion beyond their years. But they have a tendency to pull the legs of us city folk (all good natured fun – we thoroughly enjoyed it).Melissa and Josh - 2007

Hello Zoller family… My family and I enjoyed a great trip down the river yesterday and were really excited to have a member of your family, Zach, as our personal guide. He was a awesome rafting guide and we really enjoyed the ride as well as the stories about places and things along the river. Your company came recommended by a couple of friends of ours and we’re really glad that we choose y’all. Also, Mark, you suggested the 9AM trip, and you’re right, it was just beautiful and seemed like we had the entire river to our group. It was just an all around great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves, and were very impressed by your establishment and Zach. Just wanted to send a thanks.Mica - 2007

Hi Mark, Just a note to say my wife and I had such a great time whitewater rafting. You have a first class operation. We plan to come back next year!!!! Mark - 2007

Hi Mark, Just wanted to thank you again for last Saturday’s trip, we had a great time together and Zach our guide was great. I snagged a couple of brochures to give to the real estate group I was telling you about. Have a great year, and we will see you on the river again.Don - 2007

I can’t thank you enough for living up to your outstanding reputation for providing the best in outdoor odysseys. Looking forward to the next ride when we are in the Columbia River Gorge area.Greg - 2007

I just want to say that Meghan, our rafting guide, was an absolute gem. My daughter and I had an absolutely AWESOME experience on the river. I was a little nervous at first but hid it because my daughter was a little apprehensive about whitewater rafting. But Megan’s confidence, direction, and leadership quickly put us both at ease, making our whitewater excursion a truly great rafting experience.Martin - 2007

Just a note to say a thank you to everyone there for providing a wonderful rafting adventure for myself and my family yesterday. Ben was a knowledgeable and skillful instructor in his craft. Knowing the local flora and fauna and geology was a big plus. I never felt like a marketed commodity but rather as an honored guest. Thanks you and I’ll be seeing you again.Paul - 2007

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and your staff (especially Ben), for making our rafting experience a wonderful one. We very much enjoyed ourselves and when we get back to the Washington and Oregon area again, we’ll be sure to hook up with you again.Bill and Jody - 2007

Just wanted to let you know what an awesome rafting trip we had on the White Salmon last Friday!! Out guide was J.D. and he was perfect for our family. Memories to last a lifetime.Darryn - 2007

Mark, Many thanks for an exciting and safe trip down the White Salmon River last Saturday. We enjoyed the experience immensely. Our thanks also to our river raft guide, Joetta. Good wishes to you, your family and staff.Susan - 2007

Mark, Thank you and your staff for making the whitewater rafting trip so fantastic. It was everything you said it would be and even more. I have been telling everyone what a great time we had in the Columbia River Gorge.Carin - 2007

Mark: Needless to say your whitewater rafting trip was the highlight of our vacation. You did awesome with the kids and we will definitely spread the word. Thank you for providing such a great memory. We’ll be back on our next visit to Oregon.Todd - 2007

On behalf of my wife and I, we want to thank you and the rest of your staff on a wonderful experience. We rafted the White Salmon in Washington last Friday and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve ever had. We are already trying to recruit a group of people for next summer! The Snake River excursion will soon be on our list of adventures.Jason - 2007

On behalf of our entire crazy group, we wanted to thank your gang so much for making our rafting trip totally awesome – everything was terrific.Susan - 2007

Really had a good time. You do a great job. Everyone was so upbeat and fun and glad we were there. And your equipment and guides are first rate. Kudos to Shawn, our guide. We went on two previous whitewater rafting trips… on the Deschutes and the North Umpqua in Oregon. I had a good time both times BUT neither company was nearly as much fun or as well prepared and equipped and trained as you guys. I really felt like we were in good hands. GOOD JOB.Donaleen - 2007

Thank you for the WONDERFUL!!! rafting experience. All 3 whitewater guides went above and beyond to make our honeymoon the best anyone has ever had! We just got home and are planning our next rafting trip. We hope to make it to Oregon and the White Salmon in a week or two. Again, thanks for everything, we are hooked. - 2007

Thanks for a great, great rafting trip last Saturday. Everyone had a super time. The first timers were excited, and the experienced ones said that it was the most organized whitewater trip that they had been on. Thanks you!Tara - 2007

We came whitewater rafting yesterday for a company outing (all 19 of us) and EVERYONE had such a fantastic time! Thanks much to all the great guides ( I was in Zak’s raft and he was fantastic.) Everyone is already asking if we can go to the Columbia River Gorge again next year!Shane - 2007

We had a *great* trip and our rafting guides were fun and marvelous. This was a first for me and I’m a terrible chicken. And I *loved* it.Lauradel - 2007

We had a fantastic time and learned a lot about one another. I was so proud of everyone for rafting over the falls. You and Shawn were both awesome. Thanks a million. I am so glad that God is blessing you and your white water rafting business. Best wishes from the BPT gang.Debbie - 2007

We had a great time rafting with Zak yesterday. Thanks to you and all of your crew for a memorable afternoon.Jim - 2007

We had such a good time rafting yesterday! The kids and their parents can’t say enough of how memorable the whitewater rafting trip was. Thanks to all your staff for a job well done.Donna - 2007

We loved every minute of our Hell’s Canyon trip last weekend. The crew’s TLC could not have been more extreme. Thanks for a wonderful time!Gretchen - 2007

Zoller’s staff & Morgan, Thank you so much for making our whitewater rafting trip such a great experience. The staff kept everything moving smoothly and Morgan was a great guide. We’ll be back.Shelley - 2007

Next to Disneyland... this is the best thing I've ever done!Amanda - 2004

... Everyone had a blast and has insisted that the next time we host this meeting in Oregon that another river rafting trip be included.CW - 2002

... My kids and I had an awesome experience with your outfit. We all want more!!!! We will see you guys again! soon.Gregg - 2002

I wanted to thank you for the great time you showed [our] team on the White Salmon river last Thursday. ... I'll be sure to recommend Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys to anyone looking for a rafting adventure in the Oregon / Washington area.DL - 2002

Thank you so much for showing our family and friends such a wonderful time on the river! The rafting trip was the talk of the party. ... We will definitely recommend our friends visiting the Columbia River Gorge.Mike & Erik - 2002

Thanks so much for the float trip. It was a blast! We never knew we could learn so much on the river. Evan said rafting was his best birthday.NR and ER - 2002

We want you to know how much we enjoyed our river rafting trip with you. We had a great visit to Oregon and Washington and the fun on the White Salmon river was the highlight! We will recommend your company to our friends and we hope to see you again sometime.Susan and Paul - 2002

We were pleased with the emphasis your staff placed upon safety, as well as having fun. We also appreciated the quality of your rafting equipment and personality of your staff. ...C & M S - 2002

You run a great business. Our ride down the White Salmon river on Sunday was really fun, and a lot less frightening than I had anticipated! Your web site is great, and a great way for me to show off to friends the wild river ride I survived! While I am too far away to come again anytime soon, I will definitely tell friends and family headed out towards Oregon and Washington to consider rafting with Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys.MH - 2002

I just wanted to start out by saying that I had a great time and I WILL be back. I went rafting yesterday on the 12:30 White Salmon River run. .... Thank you again for a great time. Now that I have tried it, I may be able to talk my friends into trying a great ride. .... One of these days I may be able to take the all day trip with you.VM - 2001

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful white water rafting experience! We had a great time, and Casey was an excellent guide. We definitely felt very safe and secure on our new adventure, thanks again for making it a memorable one! Best of luck in the future!JK - 2001

Last month [We] went white-water rafting with you for the first time ever. We were scared and excited all at the same time. But unknowingly, it stirred something else in [us]. Today we went and rented a canoe ... how bold of us to do this, but with ... the very important techniques that we learned from you, we had a great time. We remembered our stroking and determining our sense of how to steer the canoe. I, being in the rear of the canoe, found a new respect for just exactly what you were doing in the back of the raft, ... a lot more than we ever realized at the time. [We] will be taking up kayaking full time and loving every minute of it and we will never forget the lessons you taught to us. ... Many thanks and much success to you and your wife. Have a great summer!!!!!MS - 2001

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