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White Salmon River Cleanup

Rachel Zoller

PRIZE FINDS - Members of the Northwest Service Academy and Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys got together recently for a cleanup of the White Salmon River. Items found this time included several truck wheels, a 50 gallon barrel, sections of irrigation pipe, and a television. Teaming up to clean river Teaming up in the finest style of public/private partnerships, The Northwest Service Academy along with Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys launched rafts into the frothing waters of the White Salmon River. Their quest, make a positive impact in their community through a river cleanup project. Joseph Leissle, Trout Lake, organized the group of six volunteers while Mark Zoller, Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys, volunteered company services to get the teams down the river. "The Service Academy's timing could not have been any more perfect. The clear and cold low water of October allowed the teams to see and reach items in the river bed that would not have been possible any other time of year" said Zoller. "In my 21 years of professional guiding on the White Salmon, I've watched this river become more beautiful year after year because of volunteer efforts such as this." In the early years of whitewater popularity, seeing trash in the river was common place. "You'd see everything from a car body to an appliance. We would put every. thing we could into water tight plastic bar rels and the rafters and kayakers on the clean up crew would herd the barrels down the river until they could be trucked out," said Phillip Zoller. "The early year efforts of river clean up pioneers such as Steve Stamphli and Phillip Zoller made a huge impact on the quality of the White Salmon." Year after year, higher springtime water uncovers a few more relicts of the past. On this the most recent clean up effort several truck wheels, a 50 gallon barrel, many sections of irrigation pipe and a TV were among the "prize finds." Leissle of the Northwest Service Academy split his team into groups, each joining one of the Zoller's guides and the whole event kind of became a competition as to who could find the most, and most unusual junk. Participants included from NWSA Sabrina Jackson, Joseph Leissle, Robert Kutter, Emily Westfall, Rebecca Jewett, and Matthew Pavelka; from Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys Joetta Cole, Peter Nagy and Mark Zoller.

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