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2004 Gorge Lifestyle magazine White Salmon Odyssey

Rachel Zoller

Phil Zoller is synonymous with  outdoor adventure in the  Pacific Northwest. He and  his son, Tracy, started the first commercial rafting operations on the  While Salmon. In 2001 Phil sold  his rafting business to his son Mark.  Although retired from the white  water rafting business, Phil is still  active on the local rivers. Traveling  up and down the Columbia on various small cruise ships. He lectures  visitors and locals on various  subjects including the journey of  Lewis and Clark and the history of  the natural surroundings. A historian, modern day explorer and pioneer in rafting the White Salmon  River, Phil's knowledge of the  Pacific Northwest and native scenes  is unmatched.
In 2001. Mark and Sherri Zoller  opened a new chapter of family  rafting on the White Salmon river  by establishing Zoller's Outdoor  Odysseys, inc  This year celebrates three generations of the Zoller family navigating  the White Salmon as professional  guides. In July. Mark and Sherri's  oldest daughter Rachel will become  the third generation of accredited  white water guides on the White  Salmon. The Zoller kids, Rachcl-17.  Zach-15. Mckenzie-11. (Mark wanted a child named after a favorite  river but Snake and White Salmon didn't seem appropriate) and Amanda-10. have grown up on the river, it's a great adventure for the whole family" says Mark. Zoller's Outdoor Odyssey caters to both corporate  and family groups. "We take lots of families—kids as young as six or seven years old  down all the time." Mark says that if the kids have an adventuresome spirit, they'll really enjoy the ride. Donned with helmets, wet suits, life jackets to protect the torso and  booties, all precautions are taken to make the trip safe and comfortable for everyone.  Zoller's Outdoor Odyssey is a state-of-art white water operation. With specially designed  boats. extensive safety gear and experienced staff the trip is a great adventure for all.  Their new rafting headquarters and retail center is the staging area for all their rafting  activities. The new facility located on the banks of the river is the only location where you  don't have to be. bused to a launch point. Here you will receive your ratting gear, get  introduced to your rafting guide .and receive a briefing on safety and raging techniques.  Zoller's operates on the White Salmon 12 months a year. And yes, they do accommodate the adventure ‘nuts" who look forward to a December trek down river.  Phil Zoller and hi son, Tray started the first commercial rafting operation on the White Salmon. introducing thousands of people to the sport, and helping the White  Salmon river become one of the most popular rivers in the Pacific Northwest. The White Salmon is known as the best commercial rafting adventure in the state of Washington.
Mark's older brother,  Tracy, with his father,  Phil, are experienced  Northwest fishing guides.  Together the family had guided  groups and individual anglers  down most of the rivers in the  Pacific Northwest. When the  eruption of Mt. St. Helens traumatically changed the fresh  water Fishing on the Kickitat,  older brother, Tracy, used his  4x4 and wench to lower his raft  off the BZ Corner bridge to  explore the potential of the  White Salmon River. The mystique of the danger associated  with the White Salmon was  already well known. In years  prior to Tracy's launch, two thrill  seekers had both drowned.  With careful skill and knowledge of navigating northwest  rivers, Tracy completed his two  hour trek through intense white  water. Upon completing the trip Tracy proudly announced  to his waiting father, "we are  no longer fishing guides, we're  white water river guides." Then  began the Zoller's long history  of rafting on the White Salmon
Immediately after starting the trip you will experience  on exhilarating progression of class two, three and four  rapids. This is not no leisurely Float, so be prepared to  paddle, hold-on and get wet.
[1] GRASSHOPPER looks innocent enough, but hit it  just right and you will get thrown for a ride!
[2] The next big rapid is named SIWASH. It gets its  name from the way the water rushes into the bank  and quickly turns back into the center of the river.
[3) You made the hairpin turn on Siwash and you're  looking down stream at another tight turn. Don't get  comfortable yet, because in that next turn is  CORKSCREW. Here the river decides that it needs  to pour through a narrow shoot, which creates a terrific set of class four holes to drop into. Pouring into  the base of Corkscrew is a beautiful 20 ft waterfall.  You probably won't see it because your eyes are  closed. Next stop..., Granny Snatcher Also known as Waterspout rapids
[4] As one of the biggest rapids on the river, GRANNY  SNATCHER is sure to provide you with a thrill.  Stairstep falls is a series of four separate drops.
[5] About 4.5 miles from BZ corner is 8 to 10 foot  Husum Falls. Our rafts are put ashore on the left  bank, where you can watch the 8uides rope the rafts  around the kills. The falls are fun to look at and when  special arrangements are made in advance of the  trip, special "falls" trips allow you to experience it up  close. Otherwise, our rafts are put ashore. This is one of the few areas of the White Salmon River that is  viewable from highway 141. This rapid was originally named Zoller Zap after the Zoller's early expeditions on the White Salmon. Zoller Zap is now commonly referred to as RATTLESNAKE. We tend to  like the original name.
[6] Cool and clean Northwestern Lake is the perfect set  ting for the end of your rafting trip. The park is complete with picnic tables and fishing dock. We provide  transportation back up river to your vehicle at our  original launch site.  Until we meet again, keep your head above water!

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