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2006 Local river guide leads "job trippers" to water

‘THIS JOB'S A TRIP' — That's the title of a new reality series debuting April 27 on the Travel Channel. The first episode, "Rafting Guide," will feature local outfitter Mark Zoller (above).
Mark Zoller, a local river guide and a proponent of Columbia Gorge tourism, takes Hollywood to the outdoors for the Travel Channel's latest reality TV series, "This Job's A Trip." oI1er, a 22-year veteran of guiding raft trips on the White Salmon River, leads the way as two "Job Trippers," a carpenter from Santa Cruz, Calif., and a flight attendant from Miami, attempt to learn his job and see if they have what it takes to become a whitewater outfitter. "This Job's A Trip" premieres next Thursday, April 27, at 8 p.m. Pacific time on the Travel Channel. It's produced by Bravestreet Productions and the Travel Channel, in association with Vocation Vacations. The show's theme, according to a press release, is based on professionals who are looking to make a life change in career and living style—something Zoller himself did a few years ago when he left the suit-and- tie world of management at United Parcel Service, for the splash-and-giggle world of whitewater rafting. Whether they're learning how to read whitewater on the class IV White Salmon River, orientating guests to the wonders of Hell's Canyon on the Snake River (North America's deepest gorge) or planning a riverside feast of steak and lobster for 20 guests, Zoller constantly tests his charges' limits. He challenges them to face their fears and encourages them to clock-out of the daily grind and discover a dream profession just as he did. "This is not about becoming a whitewater outfitter; it's about refusing to accept anything less than being passion ate about your occupation," says Zoller, who owns and operates Zoller's Outdoor Odyssey, a third-generation whitewater rafting company based in BZ Corner.

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