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A Zoller Family Operation Since 1973!

Why you should go rafting with Zooraft?

Phil Zoller

1st Generation Guide and Founder: Phil Zoller

Rachel Box (Zoller) - 3rd Generation

3rd Generation Guide: Rachel Zoller

Zach Zoller

3rd Generation Guide: Zach Zoller

McKenzie Zoller

3rd Generation Guide: McKenzie Zoller-Kaethler "The Boss"

Sherri Zoller

Co-Owner and the glue that holds us together: Sherri Zoller

4th generation River Guides

Director of International Guide Production: Brady, the Canadian Son in Law

Experience, Experience, Experience

  • The original outfitters of Washington's White Salmon & Klickitat Rivers, and possibly the longest running family ownership river company in Oregon or Washington.
  • Counting professional experience only, Zoller's river guides average almost 10 years experience. Check out a summary of some our current guides.
  • Zoller's river guides lead more river trips on the White Salmon River than any other guides from the any other White Salmon river companies.


  • Clean, new river-wear for all clients, not just for the first 20 to arrive.
  • Top grade self bailing whitewater rafts in first rate (new) condition
  • Shuttle transportation that is clean, well painted and in excellent repair.
  • Large and spacious river headquarters & retail center with BBQ area and seating for 80+ guests.
  • Private off street parking.
  • Indoor & private changing rooms.
  • Flush toilets (not much of that in our industry)


  • Custom designed "low-pro" rafts that increase the "fun factor"
  • The first and only private commercial whitewater launch point with shoreline permits for commercial use.
  • For those who desire, rear mounted frames on the rafts to give guides independent control allowing us to serve younger and disabled guests... and those who want to take it easy.
  • Four person "Mini Rafts" to increase your adventure level.
  • The furthest upstream launch site of any river company on the White Salmon River.

Customer Service

  • One simple philosophy... no matter what the customer needs, use creativity, innovation and fun to find a way to make it happen. We would not have made it three generations without understanding who the customer is.
  • On-site Deli, Retail Center and Catering options for larger groups.


When you arrive at Zoller's for your day of rafting the White Salmon, your raft is sitting in the river less than 250 feet from where you parked your car, or trailered ready for your quick departure. All you need to do is check in, get dressed, go through orientation and head to your raft. We maximize river fun and eliminate wait time. Having the only shorelines permits for private commercial raft launching means we launch when we want and never wait in line at the public whitewater launch site.


At Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys, YOU get to choose the adventure you desire. Zoller's is the ONLY outfitter on the White Salmon River that lets the guest, water level permitting, choose between three rafting options allowing you to be comfortable with your choice. If you are a fit adventure seeker, we've got the trip for you. If you are elderly or have little ones in your group, we've got the trip for you. We don't decide where you are going to raft, we help you choose what you'd like best.


There are 30+ employees here with about 40+ personalities... you're going to find someone you like!

4th generation river "future" guides

The Zoller's have a long history of rafting on the White Salmon river. Tracy Zoller (brother) was the first person to give the White Salmon commercial consideration when he lowered his raft 150 feet off of the BZ bridge into the frothing river and proceeded into unknown waters. Tracy and Phil Zoller (father) then became the first commercial rafting operation on the White Salmon, introducing tens of thousands of people to the sport, and helping the White Salmon river become one of the most popular rivers in Oregon & Washington. The White Salmon is known as the best commercial rafting adventure in the state of Washington.

In 2001 after 21 years of guiding customers down the Klickitat and White Salmon rivers Mark Zoller took over as President of Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys. Mark and his wife Sherri, side by side with their five children, son & daughter in-law and staff of 30+, have redefined excellence in outdoor adventures.

Mark Zoller

2nd Generation Guide and current owner: Mark Zoller

Lacie Zoller

Daughter in law & booking staff: Lacie Zoller

Amanda Zoller

Queen of the retail center: Amanda Zoller

Aurora Zoller

Future Guide?:
Aurora Zoller


Brother in law, master of zooraft technology: DJ

Zoller Family

Whitewater Rafting Fun Fact #2
The White Salmon River is the best commercial rafting river in the State of Washington. How can we make such a bold statement? It says so in the river book, Washington Whitewater. And, the author is correct. The White Salmon River provides unmatched beauty as it flows through an ancient lava tube that's roof has collapsed in. It is pretty spectacular to have lava cliffs going straight up on each side of the river with Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and other various forest covering growing straight out of the lava rock. The White Salmon River has a steep gradient, perfect for creating whitewater as the fast water bounces off of the river-bed and the canyon walls. Combine all of this with hundreds of springs feeding the White Salmon River volume for year round rafting water and you can see why the White Salmon was declared the best commercial rafting spot in the state of Washington.

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