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Frequently Asked Questions

Is white water rafting on the White Salmon River safe?

When compared to other common activities, white water rafting is safe. With any activity there are inherent risks, however, statistically your trip in the car driving up to the river is 15 times "riskier" then your actual float trip rafting a whitewater river. In fact, your white water trip is twice as safe as bicycling. With the proper equipment and experienced guides provided by ZooRaft, your trip is more than 5 times safer when compared to noncommercial white water trips. These figures are based on a study by the American White water organization.

I don't have any experience white water rafting, do you have a trip suitable for me?

Because we provide all the necessary equipment and instructions along with experienced guides, no previous rafting experience is required for the White Salmon and Klickitat river trips. In fact, first time rafters make the whitewater rafting trip a great success because they are a little nervous so they pay extra close attention to our instruction.. so the trips go smooth and easy. We have the privilege of guiding 1000s of first time rafters each year. However, If you have any special needs or concerns please let us know when you make a reservation.

I have some children that want to go whitewater rafting, what age should they be?

It is difficult to set a specific age because it really depends on the ability and personality of your children. The whitewater can be loud and intense in sections, which could scare a child and make the experience unpleasant for everyone. There is a slight chance of a "swim" in the river, which requires mental decisions that a very young child may not be capable of. Children age 7 and above seem to do the best. The ultimate decision on the appropriateness for a child to raft must be made by the parent. Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied with a parent or guardian on the raft trip. No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the Extreme and Beyond Adventures. Do not hesitiate to give us a call and chat about your kids whitewater rafting.

I see whitewater rafting rivers and rapids rated as class II (2) or III (3), what does this mean?

There is an international river classification system to rate sections of rivers as to their boating difficulty. This rating uses a "class" number to indicate its relative difficulty as outlined below.
IEasy and NoviceSmall waves, river speed about a fast walk (less then 4 mph),river drops less then 5 feet per mile.
IIMedium or IntermediateRegular waves, easy eddies and river bends, river speed can be faster then a walk (2- 4 mph), river drops from 5-15 feet per mile.
IIIDifficult or ExpertManeuvering in rapids necessary, powerful eddies, standing waves, river speed 4-8 mph and drops 10-25 feet per mile.
IVVery Difficult or ExpertDifficult water, long extended rapids, powerful hydraulics and eddies, standing waves, river speeds greater then 6 mph and river drops greater then 30 feet per mile.
VExceedingly DifficultLarge river drops and standing waves, extreme hydraulics, Seldom attempted.
VIDangerousInvolves substantial hazard to life.

Do you have any Dinner / Stay overnight package deals to go with our whitewater rafing?

Yes, take a look at out current packages. We also have an on-site deli and dutch oven cooking center.

What size of group must we have?

On most occasions we only require two guests to book for a whitewater rafting trip and can accommodate up to 150 guests with a few days notice. No matter what your group size, each customer is treated as if they were the only and most important person on the planet.

Can we customize our rafting time?

You bet! Give us a heads up and we can work with your schedule. There are minimum requirements for custom times.

Can you provide on-site food service?

In 2007 we opened the "Class V Deli" and the "Class V Dutch Oven Cooking Center" to take care of your pre and post rafting needs. Whether it is a pair of great sandwiches or a custom meal for 100+ guests, we can take care of you.

Whitewater Rafting Fun Fact #5
What's in a name? Have you noticed that the Zoller's whitewater rafting guides share very few last names? Zoller, Zoller, Zoller, Box, Box, Box, (one Zoller that became a Box), Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Curry, Curry. We often get asked "what does it take to become a whitewater rafting guide for Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys?" It would seem that it is best if you are born into it. The Zoller family of whitewater guides includes ten 2nd or 3rd generation whitewater guides whose father, mother or both guided whitewater rafts for Zoller's in the past or in the present.

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