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Our group rafted on Saturday the 27th of June. We got your rookie and I am since convinced that everyone else was wrong when they said they had the best guide (Luke). He has a sweet maturity about him, makes wise decisions, and coaches his customers in a gentle way so as to get results without acting pompous. I want that "rookie" again next time we raft. You deserve the credit for hiring competent staff, providing leadership, and being involved with your company.

Whitewater Rafting Fun Facts #6: The Oregon Washington border in the Columbia River Gorge has more whitewater rafting than you can shake a broken paddle at. On the Oregon side of the Gorge there is the Sandy River which is the western border of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area. Its mouth is near Troutdale, Oregon and it flows through communities such as Zigzag Oregon, Sandy Oregon, Brightwood Oregon, and Bull Run, Oregon. The headwaters of the Sandy River come off of Mt. Hood a very short distance from the Headwaters of the Hood River. The next whitewater river heading east is the Hood River. Its mouth is at the town of Hood River, Oregon just opposite of White Salmon, Washington. The Hood River flows through the towns of Odell Oregon, Dee Oregon, Parkdale Oregon, and Mt. Hood Oregon. The headwaters of the Hood River come off of the north and east sides of Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest peak. Moving further east is the Deschutes River, the largest volume river of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area whitewater rivers. The Deschutes flows into the Columbia River just east of The Dalles, Oregon and west of Biggs Oregon, and Rufus Oregon. The Deschutes river flows through or close to the communities of Tygh Valley Oregon, Maupin Oregon, Warm Springs Oregon, Madras Oregon, Redmond Oregon, Bend Oregon and Sun River Oregon. Its headwaters come out of the Diamond Peak Wilderness area of Oregon’s Cascades Mountains. On the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic area we have the Klickitat River. It flows into the Columbia Rive at the town of Lyle, Washington and flows through or close to the towns of Klickitat Washington, Wakiacus Washington, Glenwood Washington and the Yakima Indian Reservation. The headwaters come from the Goat Rocks wilderness of Washington’s Cascade Mountains and a major amount of its volume comes from the south east side of Washington’s Mt. Adams, the largest mountain of the Cascade Range. 12 miles to the west of the Klickitat River is the White Salmon River. It enters the Columbia River next to Bingen Washington, White Salmon Washington, and Underwood Washington. The White Salmon River flows through the towns of Husum Washington, BZ Corner Washington (that’s where I live!), and Trout Lake Washington. The headwaters of the White Salmon River comes from the White Salmon Glacier, Cascade Creek and Trout Creek in the Mt. Adams Wilderness area. The next whitewater rafting river flowing into the Columbia River is the Wind River. The Wind River’s mouth is just east of Stevenson Washington, Carson Washington and west of Home Valley Washington. The Wind River flows through the towns of Stabler Washington, Hemlock Washington and pours out of the Trapper Creek Wilderness of Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Traveling west another 20 miles is our final great whitewater rafting river of the Columbia River Gorge area in the Washougal River. The Washougal River pours into the Columbia River at the towns of Washougal Washington and Camas Washington. The river heads straight into the Cascades Mountains where it is born of lower elevation creeks and higher elevation snow-fields. Now, get a map of Oregon and Washington out and you can make a great traveling tour up and down the Columbia River Gorge taking in the beauty of each mentioned whitewater rafting river of our area.

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