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Washington whitewater

Washington whitewater

If you have ever wanted to know more about Washington whitewater, then you have come to the right place!

In 1981 my older brother Tracy lowered a raft off of the BZ Corner Bridge into the White Salmon, climbed down a 100+ foot cliff and rafted his way into history by opening with my father,company founder Phil Zoller, the first commercial rafting operation in the history of the White Salmon River. Soon this lush green 7.25 mile stretch of rafting paradise was known as the best commercial rafting in the region. Fast forward several decades and the Zoller family continues to offer up unequaled rafting experiences for our guests. There is an abundance of great whitewater on this section of the river highlighted with rapids such as, Granny Snatcher, Rattle Snake, Corkscrew, Grasshopper, Siwash and the legendary (yet optional) Husum Falls. This portion of the White Salmon has been declared “Wild and Scenic” by congress and enjoys special protections because of the quality of whitewater rafting opportunities.

Our Customers say...

Just a note to say what an awesome whitewater run Zach Z took us on last Wednesday afternoon. The mini-raft was a BLAST and Zach was the BEST rafting guide ever!

When most Pacific Northwest white water rivers are reduced to a late summer trickle, the spring-fed White Salmon maintains a healthy base flow for year round rafting. Even in the summer, your whitewater rafting trip comes complete with a cool soaking!

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