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Zoller's river guides lead more whitewater trips on the White Salmon than any other guides from the other White Salmon river companies. Whitewater rafting near Portland, OR in the Columbia river gorge.

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Whitewater Rafting Fun Fact #7: What makes a whitewater rapid and rapid? The word rapid alone gets us started because when water gets moving fast or “rapid” it will start bouncing. Since water does not compress, anything it hits causes it to bounce. The bouncing action is what makes a whitewater rapid. The three things the moving water bounces off of most are the canyon walls, boulders and water itself. Combine the bouncing with moving down-hill really fast (a steep gradient) and you get a lot of bounce, or, whitewater. Washington’s White Salmon and Klickitat Rivers are known for their fasts moving water and lots of stuff to bounce off of, giving them the best whitewater rafting water we could hope for. The canyon walls are very tight on both rivers in some spots and it squeezes the river tight (bounce) and then expands again. Add into the squeeze factor large boulders for the water to bounce off of and you get lots of whitewater. In one particular spot on the White Salmon at Husum Falls, the river drops 14 vertical feet in a space of about 8 linear feet with 9 feet of the drop being straight up and down. With all of this whitewater volume going straight down it hits the riverbed and does and amazing bounce back up causing the whitewater to bounce into the whitewater. Remember, going over Husum Falls is OPTIONAL. It is an easy walk around where you can cheer for those attempting the big drop.

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