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whitewater White Salmon

whitewater White Salmon

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Whitewater Rafting Fun Fact #4: Quality, Quality, & a side order of Quality. That is what it takes to have a great time whitewater rafting anyplace in the world. Here at Zoller’s we brag that our whitewater rafting guides are the best of the very, very best. And, we can back it up! Take a look at our “meet the guides” page and you can see by the dedication and years of service (and therefore the amount of wrinkles) that these rafting guides are the best of the best. This team of whitewater rafting guides runs more commercial river trips down the White Salmon and Klickitat Rivers in one year than most whitewater guides run in a lifetime. Our rookie whitewater guides get the honor of learning from the experienced, older and in many cases grizzled guides and given a half dozen years of whitewater experience, they will become veteran guides also.

Our Customers say...

My families experience with Ben was amazing. Being from Hawaii, this was quite the experience. We are looking forward to rafting Hell's Canyon with you next. Thanks again!

The Zoller's have a long history of rafting on the White Salmon river. Tracy Zoller (brother) was the first person to give the white salmon commercial consideration when he lowered his raft 150 feet off of the BZ bridge into the frothing river and proceeded into unknown waters. Tracy and Phil Zoller (father) then became the first commercial rafting operation on the White Salmon, introducing thousands of people to the sport, and helping the White Salmon become one of the most popular rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

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whitewater White Salmon


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