Employment Opportunities

Older male guide and company owner, Mark, holding his raft paddle and smiling.

Looking to join the fun as a member of Team ZooRaft?

Have a solid read through the website and if you think you are a good fit and want to join the team then please complete the application of your choice and send it directly to me, Mark Zoller, White Salmon River Guide since 1985.

– Mark

Whitewater Rafting Guide

Technical whitewater for fun-loving, hard-working, customer caring, safe boaters.

There are really two paths to becoming a Team-Zoller whitewater guide. 1) Have incredible previous experience that enables you to take a few laps on the different sections we run and then start your paid work immediately or 2) Be a total rookie that convinces me that you really want this job and are willing to train hard with our training staff and achieve the goal of becoming a first year whitewater guide. Rookies will go through a 4-6 week training process starting in mid to late May and be under the care of the Zoller Training Team. If you are a professional river guide that has limited experience, you can train with the rookies and once checked off be moved to the line-up of paid professional river guides. 

Rafting Guide Application (PDF)

Support Staff

Behind the counter, on the phone, serving up lunch, action photographers who know how to mow a lawn. Support staff are the glue that holds this place together.

Support Staff Application (PDF)