Klickitat River Whitewater Rafting
a wilderness experience

Klickitat River Rafting Trip Details

Wilderness beauty over the course of 18.5 miles of scenic whitewater rafting on the Klickitat River with roller coaster wave trains. This trip is primarily class III/(IV) and is offered from April through June.

What is the Klickitat whitewater like?

In whitewater rafting terms, the Klickitat River is considered a “continuous” whitewater river for its nonstop speed and action perfect for a guided whitewater experience. There are so many class III rapids that we don’t even try to name them all. You will not soon forget the fast-moving water, lots of splashy fun, and amazing basalt head-walls coming straight out of the river and towering over our heads up to 200 feet. Since this is an all-day event, everyone gets to enjoy a great meal on a sandy beach mid-way through your rafting adventure.

Where do we meet for rafting?

With the Klickitat River so close to our White Salmon location, you can meet us there and land leave your vehicles safe and secure at our headquarters while enjoying your Klickitat River rafting adventure.

What to bring for the Klickitat River trips 

Not sure what you need to bring? Check out our What To Expect page and our FAQ page.


Season: May – June – Call for custom April dates
Class: III+
Time: 6 – 7 hours
Min. Age/Skill level:10+ yrs old, great for everyone!
Food: Lunch included! See our menu »

$130 per person with group rates available.

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