White Salmon
Middle & Lower Gorge

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It all starts by rafting the White Salmon River Middle Gorge, our Hallmark for whitewater rafters, the most popular ride on the White Salmon River and the one that Grandpa Phil Zoller pioneered in the early 80’s. Then we add an additional 50% more rafting taking you through the Lower Gorge which is newly opened with the removal of Condit Dam. The beauty of this particular run like all of the White Salmon River is that it moves out fast so we don’t have long slow sections. There are lots of fun rapids suitable for all ages and then for the truly adventurous guests there is the optional and somewhat legendary, Husum Falls. This is the perfect trip for the groups that have a “mixed bag” of adventure levels within their party. There is a portage on the Lower Gorge that requires you to walk on uneven surfaces (see video below) so this is an experience for those who are “more sure on their feet”. For those wishing to challenge the optional Husum Falls, confident swimming is a must.

You’ll feel like you are whitewater rafting far from civilization but you’ll only be a few miles outside of Hood River, Oregon, White Salmon, Washington and just east of Portland, Oregon.

Upon arrival for your Middle/Lower Gorge Combo whitewater rafting adventure, your raft will be waiting for you a mere two hundred feet away. All you have to do is get dressed in the whitewater rafting clothing that we provide, have short rafting orientation and we’re off to have our fun. Our private launch site and headquarters allows us to get to rafting fast and maximizes our play-time on the river. Not sure what you need to bring? Check out our What To Expect page and our FAQ page.

Words and photos cannot truly express the beauty of what you will see as you raft through an ancient lava tube lushly forested with cedar, pine, ferns, alder, and oaks with a multitude of springs coming out of the rock walls. You truly feel like you’ve entered a private little paradise on the White Salmon River. Columnar Basalt and Brachia walls tower on each side of you for long stretches of this magnificent canyon. No matter which of our White Salmon whitewater rafting adventures you choose, you will experience this beauty in nature.

Season: June – July & Select Aug Dates

Custom dates with 6 person minimum
Class: III+, V waterfall (optional)
Time: 5 – 5.5 hours
Min. Age/Skill level: 6+ yrs old, great for everyone!
Food: Want to add food to your trip? See our menu »

$95 – $110 depending on group size and day of week. Groups of 12+ call to receive group rates on weekdays.

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