Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to swim?

For those who desire to raft the more challenging Upper Gorge adventures and those who wish to go over Husum Falls, it is very important that you have a firm grasp on swimming. For other portions of the river you simply need to follow our training on how to float with your feet downstream and use your arms to stabilize yourself and propel yourself back to the raft or to the shore.

How young of kids can we take rafting?

Putting a fixed age is really impossible because all kids, and adults, are different in their comfort level. We have found over the decades that kids who are little adventurers do fantastic. If your kiddo likes to ride a bike fast, climb a tree high or get splashed in the face… they are going to do superbly. On the young side, we take kids that are six and seven years old just about every day each summer. The Middle Gorge and Middle/Lower Combo are the trips for you to check out.

Why do your rafting trips take less time than your competitors?

Three reasons: 1) You meet us at our headquarters and private launch site. Rafts are waiting for you only feet away when you arrive. 2) The owner is a former Industrial Engineer (recovering) so the facility layout was actually designed for maximum efficiency. When you see how smooth it flows, you’ll smile. 3) We start on time, every time. If guests arrive late, we will do everything we can to still get them on the trip but it’s not worth the risk so arrive early, relax and have fun!

When is the best time to go rafting?

Our favorite day to raft is the day that YOU are here. There really is no bad time on the White Salmon River because it maintains a healthy flow of water all season long. In our almost four decades of guiding on the White Salmon, we’ve yet needed to end the season due to lack of water. Now, I personally do have two favorite times of the year for rafting. I like the Spring into June higher water when the river moves along faster, and then I like the end of August into September rafting when the water level drops because the ledge drops are so much fun and the technical aspect of the trip let us guides really show off. Seriously, there is no bad time to raft.

Is your place hard to find?

Nope, in fact, because out here in the sticks we have very few roads and our rafting biz is sitting right on the two-lane highway that runs up the middle of the valley. Ever since Google maps and phone GPS came out, its a snap. We are a short 19-minute drive straight north of Hood River, Oregon.

Our address is 1248 Hwy 141 White Salmon, WA 98672

Where are the bathrooms?

Our bathrooms are located North side of the building. Just follow one of the five strategically placed signs.

What do I need to bring?

Swimsuit or shorts as a base layer to wear under the river clothing we provide and you are good to go. We’ve even got your shoes! Check out our what to expect page for more details.

Everyone says they have the longest trip on the river, is yours actually the longest?

 Zoller’s has the furthest upstream launch site of any rafting company on the river so we get to claim the longest trips on the river! We utilize multiple launch sites making one of our trips 200 yards shorter than other companies. One thing for sure, we will not embellish the distance or the time frame of a trip.

Can I choose which guide I get?

Heck ya! Take a look at our amazing guides if you haven’t already!

How large of a group can we bring?

We can accommodate groups big and small. We are very comfortable with 150. That’s big, so we’d want to give you a custom start time.

Can I book as a single passenger?

Yes! We’ll merge you into an empty seat and you’ll make some new friends.

What if I have a group of people but I don't want to be the person paying for eveyone?

No problem. Just ask us for a special payment code and your friends can utilize it so we know you are all part of the same group, and you might even get a discount out of it.

Are you really the best outfitter on the White Salmon River?

Yep! But not just because our gear is fresh, our rafts shiny new, our facility comfortable clean and relaxing, and certainly not because we are the ORIGINAL whitewater rafting outfitters of the White Salmon and Klickitat Rivers. It’s mostly because of our staff. Including first-year rookies, the average seniority of our 30+ guides (professional experience only) is over a dozen years. They are amazing!