river Rafting Oregon Washington


 Come for some river rafting Oregon washington style in the Columbia river gorge

Why is the river rafting of Oregon and Washington so popular? 

The Oregon Washington river rafting scene is known worldwide because of the mountains! Flowing out of the Cascade mountains are eight great rafting rivers. All of these rivers drain into the Columbia River  then flow to the Pacific Ocean. Steep mountains with snow-fields and glaciers bring the water down all summer long. When water flows downhill fast, it becomes whitewater. And where does the very best whitewater rafting rivers converge? In the Columbia River Gorge just 90 minutes east of Portland, Oregon and straight north of Hood River, Oregon


Many folks have their own kayaks and rafts and some even prefer an inner-tube for their river rafting fun. If you are a DIY river runner the options are endless. Serious whitewater boaters move to this region solely for the multitude of whitewater choices. Others prefer to raft with a professional outfitter who supplies all your river needs including a fun loving guide. For those looking for the guided rafting experience, the White Salmon River is the best of the best for keeping rafters happy and safe. On the White Salmon, there are multiple sections to raft that provide differing levels of adventure. The short of it is, you’re going to find the kind of experience that is best for you.


Want a wilder more aggressive paddling experience, the Upper Gorge of the White Salmon will fit the bill. Need some fast-paced splashy fun that does not require agressive paddling, the Middle Gorge of the White Salmon will be perfect. You can raft a short run that takes only 3.5 to 4 hours out of your day or take one of the all day trips that include a tasty lunch. All-day trips incude the Klickitat River and the Upper-Middle-Lower Combo of the White Salmon River. All of these trips are nestled between Oregon’s Mt. Hood and Washington’s Mt. Adams, two major volcanic formations just miles apart.


The only thing you need to bring for fun on the river is a swim suit or shorts for a base layer, and your outfitter will dress you up with everything else. Including your shoes! 


The region’s whitewater rafting trips generally kick off April 1st of each year and go until about the end of October. Becuase of the snow covered mountains and the abundance of underground spring water, the river has plenty of great water all summer long.


Some people have heard about the legendary, Husum Falls on the White Salmon River. Husum Falls is known as the highesst commercially run waterfall in the United States.You might get a chance to partake in that drop. Come early summer when the water levels recede just a little, the waterfall opens up for running and is a thrill to say the least. It’s not for everyone, if you run it, make sure to hang on tight just like your guide tells you to. For those who prefer not to take on the falls, it’s an easy walk around and you get to watch the action and cheer for your favorite raft.


There is a special camaraderie with whitewater rafting and when you come for a day of river rafting Oregon Washington style you become part of the team. Come twice and you become part of the family!