Do you still like to climb high into the trees just as we did as kids? Well, one of my friends built an aerial park for people just like you and me. The idea of an aerial park was foreign to me but as Shane explained how it worked I knew it was something we had to go play on. In fact, we took all of our Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys rafting staff for an evening of fun.

First off, it is really safe. We wore a harness system than had not one but two safety lines attached. There was no way for me to unhook (by purpose or on accident) myself from the system. Now knowing that I was going to be safe, it was a matter of fortitude to try out the elements in the course. The course is best described one central starting point with three loops giving you choices and variety of elements to adventure on. Even better you get to go at your own pace and don’t have to feel any pressure to go fast or go where you don’t want to go. You can easily see the other members of your party and have fun conversation with them about their experience.

With 19 platforms and 23 elements of varying degree of difficulty it would be hard for me to describe it all, but here were some of my favorites. And, I did all 23 elements! My number one, just because it was cool and because I’m a river guide was the canoe. I kid you not, they have a canoe hanging in the air between the trees. You step right on in and walk down it as one of the elements. The canoe is a great photo op as well. There were a couple of different types of cat walks my favorite being a set of single steps suspended in the air. It was a bit like using the seats of a swings as stepping stones except stepping stones don’t move around like that. If you were to ask my daughter Amanda which was her favorite she would probably tell your the log walk. Sounds pretty simple, right? After all it is just a log 30 feet in the air. Amanda decided she should take that one to the next level and walked the log with her EYES CLOSED! On the back side of the park I got to practice my inner Tarzan swinging from one platform to another although my scream did not sound as manly as Tarzan’s.

No doubt my word description is not doing justice to the amazing fun we had at the aerial park. You should visit the web page of Skamania Lodge Adventures to see more photos and some great videos as well. My friend Shane (owner/operator) and his staff are a delight to work with and will make sure your adventure is safe, fun and memorable.

Older male guide and company owner, Mark, holding his raft paddle and smiling.
Mark Zoller has been guiding whitewater rafting trips on the White Salmon and Klickitat Rivers since 1985. He lives in and loves the Columbia River Gorge

As always, never hesitate to reach out to me and ask questions about all the fun we have here in the Columbia River Gorge. We look forward to your visit.