Whitewater Rafting
Hood River Oregon

Just 12 miles north of Hood River, Orgon is the best whitewater rafting adventures in the region, the White Salmon River.

Coming into the home-stretch of your whitewater rafting adventure, you can see the city of Hood River with Mt. Hood towering above. This is the mouth of the White Salmon River which offers the best and most diverse whitewater rafting in the Pacific Northwest.

Choose your rafting

One of the characteristics of the White Salmon River that make it the best commercial whitewater in the Pacific Northwest is that it has multiple rafting choices.  You can take on some aggressive paddling on the Upper Gorge (for the high adventure folks). Hit some fast water and big splashy fun on the Middle Gorge (great for all comers). Have a Spring time wilderness type experience on the Klickitat. Experience rafting the Middle/Lower Gorge combo and raft through the former Condit Dam site. If you are up for the longest commercial rafting trip offered on the White Salmon, check out the Upper/Middle/Lower Combo. There is absolutely something for everyone!

Who can raft?

Everday throughout the summer kids as young as six and seven join in on the whitewater fun. And of course, having their grandparents along makes a fantastic family outing. Sometime guests have a physical issue that keeps them from paddling so their job is simply to hold on and have fun.

Rafting Gear Provided

Heading out for a rafting trip is a snap becuase everything is provided by your river guides. You’ll get dressed up according to the weather of the day with splash jackets, wet suits, neoprene river shoes, fleece tops, and even gloves. You don’t need all of that for the summer trips, but it is there for you when needed. Just bring a swim suit or shorts for a base layer and you are good to go.

More info

Enjoy the videos and write up of each individual secition of river and if you have any questions at all about which is best for you, just give us a call at 509 493 2641.